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1. 自行車、電動自行車:避震車架、前叉、後避震器、座束管、腳踏板相關自潤耐磨軸套(Oilless Sleeve Bushing)。

2. 氣動、風動工具:免加油耐磨活塞環、導環、汽缸體。

3. 電腦週邊設備:掃描器、印表機等低噪音自潤軸套。

4. 摩托車:避震器活塞環、導環及無級變速自動離心CVT離合珠(Weight Roller Comp.)及離合定位套(Movable Damper)。



本公司為台灣三陽工業(SYM)及台鈴工業(Taiwan Suzuki)離合珠的唯一配套廠。

在摩托車前叉Oilless軸套及後避震器活塞環及導襯(Oilless Bushing)


ProDesigner in Self-lubrication World

We are professionally specialized in designing, formulating and manufacturing self-lubricating plastic bearing components such as sleeve bushings, pivot bearings and guide rollers for many kinds of industrial applications which require low noise, low wear, maintenance free and self-lubrication.

Because of the best quality and reasonable prices, our products are very competitive in the related markets. Our products are not only adopted by most domestic companies but also exported to Japan, US, China and Europe.

Professional Designs

In addition to product design, armed with the professional knowledge and innovative ability, we also excel in improving the mechanical structures where our products are used. Here are some of our own patents that should interest you: NEW! Adjustable Centrifugal Clutch NEW! Sliding Centrifugal Drive Weights for Automatic Transmission NEW! High Performance Continuous Variable Transmission « Self-lubricated pivot structure for cycle pedal » « Bi-directional position fixed bushing mechanism for rotating shaft » « Vane of rotary type compressor for air conditioner » « Consolidated self-lubricated piston ring for pneumatic tool » « Sleeve type bottom bracket for cycle »

Main Products

Our products and the applications are:
1. Oilless bushings for bicycle applications: suspension frame bushings, suspension front fork bushings, rear suspension bushings, seat post bushings and pedal bushings.
2. Oilless guide bushings and piston rings for electric and pneumatic tools: air nail gun piston rings.
3. Oilless bushings for door closers, athletic equipments and business machines.
4. Bearing grade components for motorcycles/scooters/ATVs guide bushings, piston rings for shock absorbers, slide pieces and weight roller comps for scooter CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) system.

Dr. Pulley Series

Sliding roller weight US PAT. 7276004

Sliding roller weights “slide” inward and outward in the Movable Drive Pulley (MDF) to change/extend the gear ratio. Dr. Pulley sliding roller weights can :
1.) Eliminate abnormal wear in high gear position.
2.) Provide outstanding acceleration and re-acceleration.
3.) Retain explosive low end acceleration and reach higher top speeds.
4.) Last longer than traditional weight rollers and continue giving excellent variator performance.

Adjustable Centrifugal Clutch Automatically adjust the required engagement RPM of clutch simply by throttle open speed. Easily switch between ECON and SPORT modes by throttle without spending time manually changing the clutch springs.

High Performance CVT An outstanding structured CVT which eliminates the weaknesses of current CVT model. Belt can live much longer without the unwanted distortion and extension; vehicle speed is in direct proportion to the throttle open speed while it’s also easy to shift between economic and sport driving modes.


We have earned a very good reputation in the field of self-lubricated bearing grade products. Through a series of years long-term motorcycle field tests, we have also proved the excellent quality and the competitive prices of our CVT weight rollers. Our customer in the motorcycle/ATV field includes: DaChangJiang Group, CF Moto, Sanyang Industry (SYM scooter maker), Tailin Industry (Taiwan Suzuki scooter maker), PGO Scooters (Motive Power Industry), and CPI Motor.